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New vinyl siding is often a considerable investment for Indianapolis homeowners. You likely have a lot of questions, and getting straight answers can be a hassle depending on the company you’re considering. This is a list of vinyl siding FAQs to help set the record straight:

If your home’s exterior is looking lackluster, adding some color can give it just the pick-me-up that it needs. There are a lot of ways to add color to your home, from upgrading your siding to planting new landscaping.

As many of us yearn for time off on the weekend, the truth is that you can use this time to dramatically boost curb appeal and even increase the value of your home. Two whole days is a lot of time to spare in the world of home improvement, and there are plenty of weekend projects that you can tackle from now all the way through summer.

Are Vinyl Windows Really Maintenance Free?

From cars to haircuts, there are many things in life that require some type of maintenance down the line. When it comes to your home, many homeowners prefer to live their busy lives rather than worrying about details of their exterior. There aren’t a lot of home improvement upgrades that don’t require any maintenance at all—especially with exterior upgrades. However, vinyl replacement windows are one of the upgrades that require hardly any maintenance at all.