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When cooler weather arrives, many homeowners want to redo their home décor with touches of fall. While it’s easy to go out to the nearest department store and pick up a couple nice items, some of us get great gratification from making our own décor. If you’re the crafty type and want to add autumn-inspired decorations to your home this season, here are a few fast and fun ideas to get you started:

Have you turned up your thermostat yet? If not, it’s likely coming soon. Before we know it, temperatures are going to drop and our furnaces will kick on for the first time in several months.

With cold days ahead, Indianapolis homeowners might be wondering how they can start saving energy today rather than waiting until a month from now. Aside from exterior replacement projects such as window installation or a new entry door, there are other quick and easy ways to keep more money in your bank account through the rest of the year.

High winds can occur any time here in Indianapolis. While most quality exterior components are designed to withstand winds, rain, and more, you may still be worried about the condition of your roof after a windstorm.