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Exterior Doors Indianapolis IN If you’re looking to make an excellent impression, exterior doors are the go-to upgrade for homes in Indianapolis, Indiana. A quality front door will last for many years while protecting your family from both the elements and intruders. Whether you’re searching for exterior doors for aesthetic or security purposes, there are several points to keep in mind before moving forward with your purchase.

Complement Your Home with the Right Style

There are a lot of stylistic options for entry doors today. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a good place to start is to find an option that complements your home’s architecture.

For example, if you own a big home here in Indianapolis, you can opt for ornate hardware to enhance the look of your door while making a grand appearance. Universal Windows Direct has a great selection of hardware to choose from, including brass and nickel finishes along with extra security features.

What Types of Materials are Available?

Wood is a traditional material for front doors. However, this material has its downsides. While it’s beautiful and can last for years, it is highly susceptible to problems such as chipping, peeling, or even rotting. Wood rot is an expensive and frustrating project to deal with, so choosing exterior doors that are fiberglass or steel is the best option for most homeowners.

Fiberglass doors from Universal Windows Direct are engineered with top-quality materials. You simply won’t find a better made door from a home improvement big box store. The other upside is that you can get the look of wood without breaking the bank. This is a much more affordable alternative to wood that requires much less maintenance down the line.

Steel doors from Universal Windows Direct are high quality and heavy duty. Although steel doors can be scratched easier than fiberglass, they offer a fantastic return on investment of 90%, which makes them one of the smartest home improvement purchases that you can make.

When you’re budgeting for a high quality door, prepare to pay a bit more than a standard option from the local home improvement store. Although you might shell out around $1500, rest assured that exterior doors from Universal Windows Direct bring the best value.