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Exterior Siding Indianapolis IN Exterior siding comes in all kinds of styles, textures, and materials here in Indianapolis. When it comes to vinyl siding, there are many home improvement companies around the area offering varying levels of quality and craftsmanship. Universal Windows Direct offers some of the best options for your new exterior, and the secret is behind our top-of-the-line UniShield® siding.

What is UniShield® Siding?

UniShield® is a quality vinyl siding option that you’ll only find at Universal Windows Direct. We take the engineering process quite seriously, as we understand that this is the exterior responsible for protecting your home from the elements and keeping your family safe. This is why homeowners should carefully consider the quality and anatomy of their new siding.

The simple truth is that UniShield® is the epitome of quality craftsmanship. It is designed with top-quality vinyl that isn’t prone to issues such as warping, cracking, and peeling. Vinyl exterior made from poor quality vinyl can warp from sun exposure and even peel away from your home during a strong windstorm. It may also come apart at the seams if the caulking cracks away from moisture.

Another characteristic of quality siding is the thickness of the panels. Builder grade panels are typically thin and somewhat flimsy. When you’re serious about investing in quality exterior, choose panels that are around .46” thick. This helps to ensure maximum durability of the siding and keeps it performing in peak condition for years to come.

Other Considerations for Exterior Siding

While the quality of material and engineering of your siding is important for maximizing performance, aesthetics are a big characteristic for any exterior. It’s no secret that new exterior siding can completely transform the look and feel of your home. UniShield® siding takes your curb appeal to a new level with its unparalleled craftsmanship.

UniShield® panels are designed to look like authentic wood panels—including lifelike woodgrain details. Furthermore, cedar shakes will give your home an entirely fresh and unexpected look.

Don’t forget to add extra character-building vinyl components such as scallops. Our scallops mimic real wood scallops from the Victorian era, but this certainly doesn’t mean they make your home look outdated. They are perfect for complementing windows and add quaint charm to your curb appeal.

Discover why UniShield® is the premium siding choice for homeowners in Indianapolis by contacting us today.