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Home Windows Carmel IN Home windows in Carmel, Indiana, do more than simply fill a hole in the wall. They are essential products that keep our homes cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and even save us money on utility bills. The truth is that you can truly make your house a home with new replacement windows, and it all comes down to creating a comfortable living space for your family to enjoy for years to come.

  • Home windows in Carmel can provide a feeling of warmth, and not just in terms of temperature. Selecting dark vinyl colors can make your home feel cozier, regardless of the time of year. Woodgrain windows also offer a new twist with home windows in Carmel. The interior of woodgrain windows feature a laminate with the look of real wood in a variety of different grains. The exterior of the window features popular and durable vinyl, which is efficient at withstanding the elements throughout the seasons.
  • If you’re looking to add extra seating and functionality to your home, consider adding a bay window. Bay windows are engineered with a picture window in the center and two operable windows on each side. Bay windows can also create a cozy reading nook to watch the world pass by, especially if your window has a deep shelf.
  • Plants are perfect for sprucing up any space, and a new garden window is the perfect showcase. Garden windows are popular home windows in Carmel, and they create a display for growing indoor plants and herbs. Consider putting a garden window in your kitchen to add a pop of color, and bring springtime into your home all year long.
  • Keep your home extra cozy by choosing UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct. These home windows are engineered to lower your utility bills by incorporating argon and krypton gas, two-to-three panes of glass, and a double coat of low-e glazing. Whichever glass package you choose from our UniShield® line, you’ll get the very best in terms of energy efficiency, value, and aesthetics.

When you’re ready to make your house a home with new replacement windows, contact Universal Windows Direct at 704-594-1900.