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Home Windows Greenwood IN When it comes to buying home windows in Greenwood, Indiana, many homeowners are concerned about budget. Unfortunately, some homeowners are also under the impression that home windows in Greenwood should be a cheap exterior upgrade. The truth is that quality replacement windows may cost you more than what you see advertised on TV, but their performance and aesthetics stand the test of time.

The real price of replacement windows varies from company to company. Here is what homeowners need to keep in mind when shopping around for home windows in Greenwood:

  • The quality of your home windows plays a large role in cost. Bottom dollar windows have a cheap price tag, but they won’t do homeowners any favors in terms of saving energy. Cheap windows are engineered with poor quality materials, which will degrade the value of your new windows.
  • Although high quality windows come with a higher price tag, the good news is that homeowners get peace of mind with their investment. Top quality windows present numerous options in terms of energy savings due to their innovative glass packages.
  • UniShield® is an exclusive replacement window option at Universal Windows Direct. These windows can lower utility bills by up to $465 per year, and regulate indoor temperature throughout the year.
  • The best selection with UniShield® windows is UniShield® Supreme. This option includes three panes of glass, which offers sound blocking technology to reduce outdoor noise. Furthermore, UniShield® Supreme comes equipped with krypton gas between the panes—which is much denser than air and argon, and increases the window’s thermal efficiency. A double coat of low-e glazing is also applied to the window to reduce the amount of infrared energy entering the home.
  • UniShield® is a popular option due to its flexibility in terms of budget. Since our UniShield® windows are available in four package levels, homeowners in Greenwood can select a high quality window at the right price.

The best way to find out how much replacement windows cost is to contact Universal Windows Direct for a free quote. A knowledgeable representative will review your options and find the best window for your home and budget.