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House Windows Carmel IN It’s no secret that new house windows in Carmel, Indiana can cost a pretty penny. However, you don’t have to break the bank in order to get quality house windows in Carmel. When you want premium windows at an affordable price, Universal Windows Direct offers an extensive selection of aesthetic and energy saving options. But what can homeowners in Carmel expect to pay when they’re buying new replacement windows?

There are several factors that influence the price of new house windows, including:

  • The quality of your new windows. Not all windows are created equal, and cheaper windows often require replacement sooner than later. The best quality vinyl windows are engineered with a high level of titanium dioxide, while budget vinyl windows use the filler ingredient of calcium carbonate. This cuts down on the production cost of the window, but performance will ultimately suffer.
  • Another aspect that determines the price of your window is material. Wood is by far the most expensive material for house windows in Carmel. However, vinyl is a more affordable option that is very popular in the area. If you want the look of wood windows without the hassle, consider wodgrain windows from Universal Windows Direct. The wood laminate is in the exterior of your home, so there are no issues with rotting or maintenance.
  • When you choose a standard vinyl stock color, you won’t have to worry about extra costs. However, if you choose a custom color, there will be an added expense to match the paint to your new vinyl. If you’re interested in grids for your house windows, you will pay roughly 10% more.
  • Energy efficiency features will also add to your window’s price tag, but they’re worth the cost. Argon and krypton are energy-efficient gasses that increase the thermal efficiency of your home. Krypton costs more than argon since it’s a denser gas. You’ll also pay more if you choose triple pane windows over dual pane windows.

Universal Windows Direct offers quality replacement window products at an affordable price, especially when you choose our innovative UniShield® windows. Find out how your new windows will save you money and energy by calling 704-594-1900.