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Replace Windows Greenwood IN When homeowners in Greenwood, Indiana want a more efficient home, they often turn to replacement windows to get the job done. While this may be a pricey project, most homeowners discover that they get a lot of out their investment when they decide to replace windows in the home. Due to their energy saving capabilities and timeless beauty, you simply can’t go wrong with updating your exterior with home windows.

When you choose Universal Windows Direct as your replacement window contractor, you’ll have a laundry list of options to make your home a better place to live. Here are the options to consider when you’re ready to replace windows:

Energy Saving Options

Energy saving options are one of the core components to a quality replacement window. UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct incorporate the industry’s leading technology for energy savings, including argon and krypton gases, triple or dual pane technology, and low-e glazing.

Energy saving gases are designed to help improve the thermal efficiency of the window. This means that your home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer—and your energy bills will remain low.

Low-e glazing helps control the amount of UV light that filters through the glass. This helps protect your furniture and flooring from fading due to excessive sun damage. Furthermore, dual and triple pane glass serves as the cherry on top for ultimate energy efficiency.

Choosing the Right Materials When Replacing

Your window’s material is another big piece of the puzzle when you’re going to replace windows. One of the best options for your Greenwood home is vinyl. Vinyl is a timeless material that is exceptionally durable. Unlike its wood counterpart, vinyl is not prone to rotting, peeling, or warping.

However, if you have your heart set on wood windows, today is your lucky day. Universal Windows Direct combines the beauty of wood and durability of vinyl with our woodgrain windows. Our woodgrain option features wood laminate on the interior and vinyl on the exterior, and both woodgrain and vinyl can feature custom colors and wood stains for your own personal flair.

Don’t choose your new replacement windows before you get your free quote with Universal Windows Direct. You really can afford premium replacement windows.