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Vinyl Siding Carmel IN The material of your exterior siding has a big impact on the performance and protection of your home. There are numerous siding choices to choose from, but vinyl siding in Carmel, Indiana is among the most popular. Vinyl material is a great alternative to wood, which has been an option for home exterior siding for decades.

When it comes to choosing your new siding, some homeowners might be on the fence between vinyl and wood. Here are the reasons why vinyl is the best choice:

Vinyl Material is Very Low in Maintenance

One of the major downfalls of wood siding is that it is often a hassle to maintain. The reality is that wood doesn’t last forever, especially if you don’t take the time to keep it maintained. This means that homeowners are often spending significant time sanding, painting, or staining their wood siding.

On the other hand, vinyl is a snap to maintain. All you need to do is occasionally clean your siding with a mixture of white vinegar and water, and use a scrub brush to wipe away any atmospheric dirt.

Vinyl is an Affordable Siding Option

One reason why homeowners choose vinyl siding is due to its affordability. Wood exterior siding can be considerably expensive, and homeowners can plan to shell out nearly $25,000 for a two-story home.

On the other side of the coin, vinyl is a much more affordable option, with prices ranging from $8,400 to over $19,000 for an average two-story house.

Vinyl is Durable and Delivers Value

High quality vinyl will not warp, chip, or peel due to sun exposure or weather. Furthermore, a quality factory color-through process will keep your siding looking vibrant for years to come. This is Universal Windows Direct’s secret when it comes to delivering beautiful vinyl siding that lasts for years—especially when homeowners choose one of our high quality UniShield® siding options.

Contact us today to learn more about UniShield® siding and its features. It’s engineered with the finest quality vinyl materials on the market and will instantly transform your home.