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Vinyl Siding Kokomo IN Getting value out on your new home improvement project can be a tough task to tackle. Picking the wrong project can not only lead to buyer's remorse, but potentially thousands of lost dollars in the end. However, vinyl siding is almost always a smart home improvement choice for homeowners in Kokomo, Indiana.

If you're wondering if there are advantages to upgrading the exterior of your home with quality vinyl, the answer is a very reassuring yes. In fact, there is quite a lengthy list of why you should choose UniShield® vinyl siding for your next home improvement project, including:

Increased Home Value

Did you know that new exterior can make your home worth more money? It's true. New siding can increase your home's value and even help sell it if you put it on the market. Furthermore, UniShield® siding offers homeowners up to 60% return on investment. This is one of the highest ROIs in the home improvement market, but it’s important to realize that the siding must be high quality in order to maximize value.

Better Curb Appeal

One of the biggest and most obvious advantages to upgrading your exterior is increased curb appeal. Siding is a major piece to better curb appeal, and this is the perfect opportunity to overhaul your home from top to bottom.

Universal Windows Direct offers an extensive line of aesthetic features to make your home look modern and inviting. Our siding panels are available in numerous colors that will help your home get a brand new facelift. This is especially effective if you’re looking to upgrade your current color scheme, or if you’re living with old wood siding that just isn’t doing the trick.

While you can make small improvements for your curb appeal such as new landscaping or even a new entry door, there is no denying the power of new vinyl exterior.

Low Maintenance

If you’re a homeowner who doesn’t want to spend their weekend tending to their home’s siding, you’re in luck. Vinyl is virtually maintenance free and it is resistant to pests such as termites. You also won’t need to worry about issues related to wood siding such as rot.

A simple cleaning once per year is about all it takes to care for your viyl exterior. To learn how you can improve your home, contact Universal Windows Direct today.