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Vinyl Windows Carmel IN Vinyl windows in Carmel, Indiana come with a variety of aesthetic options. From numerous colors to different shapes and sizes, homeowners in Carmel have an extensive selection to choose from. However, an abundance of vinyl window styles can easily overwhelm the average homeowner.

If you’re having trouble keeping the styles straight, this is a quick style guide for vinyl windows in Carmel, Indiana:

  • Double hung windows are the most popular vinyl windows in Carmel. They have a classic design and are engineered with two operable sashes, allowing for optimal airflow throughout the home. Most double hung vinyl windows also tilt inward for easy cleaning.
  • Sliding windows are windows that slide open horizontally. Upper and lower tracks allow the sliding windows to open with ease, and they perfectly complement contemporary homes.
  • Geometric windows come in numerous shapes and sizes including oval, octagon, and even diamond. These vinyl windows are often used as accent windows and add a new level of visual interest to your home.
  • Picture windows are fixed windows that offer an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. Picture windows are popular in living rooms and consist of one pane of glass.
  • Garden windows are great for kitchens and bathrooms. They are similar to mini greenhouses and include built-in shelves along with operable side windows for ventilation.
  • Bay windows are built with one center picture window and two operable windows on each side. The two side windows are typically double hung or casement windows.
  • Bow windows are curved windows that are made with at least four operable windows, although sometimes more. These windows are typically double hung windows or casement windows.
  • Hopper windows are small horizontal vinyl windows that add extra ventilation to basements or attics. These windows are hinged on the bottom and opens from the top.

No matter what style you choose for your home, Universal Windows Direct is dedicated to giving homeowners the very best in terms of value, aesthetics, and efficiency. Explore our UniShield® glass packages to make your new windows extra efficient, and contact us today for your free quote at 317-547-2600.