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Window Installation Indianapolis IN When you’re considering window installation in Indianapolis, Indiana, it’s important to understand the process and how it impacts your overall project. One of the most common questions from Indianapolis homeowners is the amount of time that it takes to install your windows—and the truth is that there is not a straightforward answer to that question.

If you have a window installation project scheduled at your Indianapolis home, here are several things to keep in mind in terms of how long the project will take:

  • Window installation is one of the most time consuming and complex home improvement projects. Experienced window installation professionals in Indianapolis should be able to install around 12 windows per day, and it takes a trained eye to ensure that no detail is overlooked during the process.
  • An inexperienced window installation team may move a lot slower, and might only be able to install half of the amount of windows in the same amount of time.
  • However, the number of windows installed per day depends on several factors. Window installation for a bay window can take longer than what’s necessary for a small double hung window.
  • Window installation in Indianapolis will also be affected if the original opening needs adjusted. For example, if you’re replacing a geometric window with a double hung window, the window installation team will need extra time to cut a new opening and fit it to the size of your window.
  • If your old windows are rotting or contain mold, this may also slow down the window installation process. An experienced window installation company, such as Universal Windows Direct, will require the new opening to be structurally sound before installing a new window.
  • Keep in mind that window installation will impact the performance of your window. In order to get energy saving benefits from replacement windows, it’s recommended to hire quality and experienced window installers such as Universal Windows Direct.

When you’re looking to enhance your window installation project with premium materials and an experienced company, contact Universal Windows Direct for your free estimate at 317-547-2600.